The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sharing Your Apartment

Sharing living quarters with someone else is a common occurrence, yet many turn up their noses when it comes to this type of situation. It is certainly not for everyone, so consider all angles before you make this choice.

The main reason that many people decide to share an apartment with roommates NYC is quite simple; it is cheaper. Splitting living costs makes it more affordable for those who don’t have a heap of money to live in a better environment. For instance, someone who could barely afford to live in a small studio in a rough part of town can room with a few others and end up residing in a four-bedroom brownstone in an upscale neighborhood.

This may sound incredibly appealing, but you have to think about the not-so-great side of things. Living with others means that rules have to be followed. You cannot walk around nude when you like, invite friends over at random and leave your things all over the place. This space is shared, so you will have to respect others when deciding how to carry yourself. People who are not great at listening to others would certainly have a difficult time with this.

Someone else might be around at all times. This can be a right or wrong thing, depending on the situation. When the lights go off, and you need someone who is not afraid to head into the basement and take a look at the fuse box, this is perfect. On the flip side, it can be hard to plan a romantic evening for two when you live in an apartment with roommates.

There are advantages and disadvantages of sharing an apartment. Keep all of this in mind if you are looking for housing and weighing all of the options that are available to you.