The History Of The Croatian Olympic Team

croatia_basketball_olympic_team_2008_wallpaper_wallpapersuggest_com-1280x1024It was not until 1992 that Croatia finally competed in the Olympics as an independent team. Since then, they have competed in every Olympic Games held. Their Olympic committee was created as early as 1991, but was not formally recognized until 1993. In total, their athletes have won an astounding twenty five medals. Eight of those were gold medals in summer sports, placing them in the 57th rank overall.

Despite being a relatively new team compared to others, Croatia has been performing surprisingly well at the Olympics. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are looking to be the best so far with an outstanding lineup of top-tier athletes.

A Look At Their Past Success.

In 1896 Croatia appeared at the Olympics, but they played for several different countries. In 1992, at Barcelona, they finally began playing for their own country. Since then, they have left their mark on the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have been winning medals even before they were their own team.

The first Croatian medal won in the Olympics was actually in 1900 by Milan Neralic for fencing. Finally, in 1992, Croatia began to play for themselves and was represented by a total of 39 athletes at the Barcelona games.

That year the Croatian basketball team took home the silver medal, placing second to the USA Dream Team. They also took home two bronze medals from singles tennis and one bronze medal in doubles tennis.

Later, in 1996, Croatia joined the Summer Olympic games with a total of 84 athletes competing in Atlanta, Georgia. Their basketball team didn’t perform quite as well because of the loss of their previous captain, but the Croatian handball team made up for a loss with a gold medal. This gold medal marked the first time that the Croatian Anthem was played at the Olympics. Since then, they have won numerous medals, including gold, and millions of fans know their anthem by heart.